Musicando Venezia

Musicando Venezia


Music in a gondola


Our history

A cooperative of musicians and singers. From the singer and accordion duo to the duo composed by singer and guitarist, also in traditional gondolier costume, or the trio, quartet or group of six / seven people, with various instruments, which are accompanied by male and female voices.


The headquarters is located in the central Piazza San Marco in Venice, where advice or a personalized quote based on customer needs is offered.

Strengthened by consolidated experiences not only in the folkloristic tradition but also in that of contemporary light music, the six founders of the cooperative, singers and musicians, give life to a rich repertoire of songs that characterize the gondola ride with music.

  • Francesco Lorenzon - Presidente Coop -
  • Giovanni Pagnin
  • Daniele Galletta
  • Gabriele Lorenzon
  • Marco Costantini
  • Mirco Costantini

they also make use of collaborators, both singers and multi-instrumentalists, in order to satisfy the numerous requests of customers, depending on the circumstance.